Diagnosis of Haskell Type Inference Failures

This web page demonstrates a general method for diagnosing errors found in computer programs. In this case the method is being applied to Haskell programs.


How to use it

  1. Read the notice below about how we will use your code.
  2. Paste your code into the box on the left and press the “Check it!” button.
  3. A list of detected type errors will be provided. By moving the mouse over the errors, you can see what part of the program is determined to be the likely cause of the error.

Enter or paste the Haskell program you want to type-check:

Or, upload your program from a file:

By using this service, you are granting permission for us to use your submitted code for research purposes. This research is being conducted by Prof. Andrew Myers of the Cornell CS department. Your code will be used only for the purpose of evaluating methods for program error diagnosis method and for improving them. It will not be released to other parties. Other than the source code and any comments you enter, we do not record personally identifying information such as IP addresses.